Faucet Sakuracoin

https://cryptogods.net/faucets/sakuracoin/ A mechanism that dividend increases or decreases depending Accordingly, our financial situation of Faucet, high elected substantially value has become more difficult . If the Address and Coin is different , you can claim more than once in time , but there is a limit on the number of times by the remote host…


Algorithm: Scrypt Block reward: 50 SKR Block time: 1.5 minutes Retarget: 2400 blocks subsidy halves in 1051k blocks (~3 years) Totalcoins: 105.1 million Premine: 42 blocks

About Sakuracoin

Sakura coin is a virtual currency software that can handle the block chain of the old Monacoin that has been published only for the duration of about 8 hours in 2013/12/23. Sakuracoin (SKR) 0.001464 USD (-12.55%) 0.00000053 BTC RANK 890 MARKET CAP $? USD VOLUME (24H) $281 USD Powered by CoinMarketCap